Public Computers, Copies, Printing, Fax and Scanning

Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library offers a number of print services to our patrons:

  • Public Computers and Internet Access: We offer 6 workstations for patron access to the internet. There are 4 workstations upstairs, 1 in the Children’s Room, and a Laptop for use around the Library.
    View Our Computer Use Policy
  • Free Public Wi Fi: We also offer free access to our Wi Fi internet. The service is usable by any Wi Fi-enabled device in the building or in the parking lot. The signal is turned on 24 hours a day.
  • Printing: We have several printers here at HMML, both color and black and white. We can also do duplex printing (print on both sides of the paper).
    • Black and White Prints are 5 cents per page
    • Color Prints are 25 cents per page
  • Copy Services: We have a black & white copier in the children’s department, and there is also a printer capable of full color copies on the top floor. The prices for copies are the same as printing.
  • Faxing: We have a fax machine at HMML available to the public. The prices are as follows:
    • Faxes to a Local (603 area code) or Toll Free # (800,844,855 etc. area codes) are free of charge.
    • Faxes to national numbers (anything outside of 603 or Toll Free #’s) are $3 per fax, regardless of how many sheets are sent.
    • We can receive faxes for patrons at the library. Just call ahead or stop by to let us know it’s coming so we can put it aside for pick-up. This is free of charge for faxes 10 pages and under– after 10 pages we will charge 5 cents per page received.
  • Scanning: We have color scanning capabilities here at HMML as well. We can scan color or B&W documents onto a USB drive (either patron provided, or we have ones at the library to use) as either .pdf or .jpeg files for use with email or another online service. This service is free to use.
  • Tax Forms: During tax season (January-April), HMML will provide free paper copies of 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ Tax Forms at the library. We can also retrieve and print any other tax forms for free from the IRS website.