Friday, June 16th 10:15 am

SPCA Story Time

We’ll be welcoming the New Hampshire SPCA to the HMML Youth room for a Special Story Time.

 Come, hear a story, and meet some of the animals you can adopt at the NHSPCA.

Saturday, June 24th 2:00 pm

Prakash Slim and Mr. Somebody (TJ Wheeler)

Prakash Slim 8000 miles to the Crossroads from Nepal will be performing country blues with mentor and special guest Mr. Somebody (formerly known as TJ Wheeler).

Friday, June 30th 10:30 am

Puppets with Diane Kordas

A  hand puppet show- which includes audience participation and singalongs…examples of stories included are  The Hungry Caterpillar,  Aesop’s Bear and the Beehive, and The Gingerbread Man.   for a sample video. 

Friday, July 7th 11 am

Squam Lakes Nature Center

All Together Now: Be an Earth Hero

We can all be Earth Heroes, people caring for and working to protect our planet. During this program, a naturalist from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center will introduce you to three live animals native to NH and share the inspiring stories of three Earth Heroes whose work has helped to ensure their survival. Leave with some ideas of things you can do in your community to be an Earth Hero!

Monday and Tuesday, July 10th and 11th 10:30 am- 12:30 pm

Young Authors Workshop

AITs (Authors in Training) will…

 Prepare an outline for a children’s book.

 Create parts of the book.

 Learn about the world of publishing.

 Be inspired to read and write.

*Location to be determined

Friday, July 14th 11 am

Children’s Museum of NH

“Working Together: Amazing Animal Builders”

Children will investigate the river ecosystem and learn about the animal builders who live there and how they work together.

Monday, July 17th 1 pm

Ramp It Up/ Mad Science of Maine

Hop on board the Mad Science express and get ready for a high-speed romp into energy and power! Reach your potential and become ecstatic as we make things fly, spin, and soar.

Wednesday, July 19th 1:30 pm

Wonderful World of Bats

The bat program introduces audiences to local and tropical bats, the Vampire Bat, and many more of our only flying mammals. T-shirt craft follows program. Please bring a t-shirt for the craft or a t-shirt can be purchased