We happily accept book donations so long as we have the space in our book sale room. If you are interested in donating some books to the library we do have some guidelines:

  • Please call ahead or come speak with a librarian at the desk before bringing a donation into the library. This way we can keep track of what’s being donated and if it follows our other book donation guidelines.
  • Do NOT leave donations in the book return boxes or at the entrances in front or back of the library.
  • Please do not donate more than 25 books at a time.

Books we will generally accept:

  • Children’s books in good condition
  • Hard and soft cover fiction and non-fiction books
  • DVD’s and CD’s (audiobooks or music)

Books we will NOT accept:

  • Moldy books (check them if they’ve been in an attic or basement)
  • Books or discs with damaged or dirty packaging
  • Disc sets, such as an audiobook, that are missing discs.
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines