Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library Board of Trustees Bylaws


The Library Trustees meet at Town Hall on the third Tuesday evening of the month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and are televised on ETV.

You can email the Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library Trustees at eppinglibrarytrustees@gmail.com

Trustees are elected to three-year terms.

Current Board of Trustees for HMML:

  • Charlie Goodspeed, Member At Large – Term expires March 2019.
  • Lara Croft Berry, Chairman  – Term expires March 2020.
  • Michelle Wheeler, Treasurer – Term expires March 2021.
  • Elaine Miskinis, Secretary – Term expires March 2019.
  • John Clark – Term Expires 2021
Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting Agenda:

HMML Trustees Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

7:00 PM

Epping Town Hall

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Secretary’s Report

-Approve Mar. 20 minutes & non-public minutes


Treasurer’s Report


Director’s/ Youth Room Report


Welcome to New Trustee Alternate Sara L Warner


Discussion of Board of Selectman Rep: Cody Belanger


Board of Selectmen meeting April 9 recap

–discuss invitation to hold a joint meeting on April 23 at 7 PM regarding Library Expansion project


Building Committee report from Charlie Goodspeed

–Presentation of $600,000 breakdown and student-drawn plans
–List of committee members

–Meeting date or dates

–RSA 91-A: 1-a, VI. Any subcommittee of a municipal body is a public body and must comply in all respects with the Right to Know Law. Minutes must be kept and meetings must be posted in accordance with RSA 91:A

–Should be posted on our website along with our trustee minutes


Education regarding Library Expansion Construction:

Q & A with Architect: Jason LaCombe

Q & A with civil engineer: Peter Welch


Board of Selectman letter regarding Contracting and Supervisory Authority for the Library Expansion and Donations Received by Library Trustees for the Project: recap and discussion


Memo to send to town officials, Boards, etc. regarding Library Board of Trustees, Draft:


The Library Trustees of the Harvey Mitchell Memorial Library have created this memo to distribute to officials of the town of Epping to prevent future confusion and frustration in the process of conducting library business.  We respectfully request that instruction from any individual Library Trustee board member be accompanied by minutes from a HMML meeting specifically verifying the instruction via approval of a majority of trustees.

Thank you for your time.


Friends meeting April 3 report


Review of Bylaws part 2—Vote on proposed changes to bylaws


Other Business


Request to remove to executive session if applicable

Pursuant to RSA 91—A:3 paragraph II —a, b, c and d


*Public comments are welcome and encouraged during our meeting in accordance with our bylaws.