The library has a seasonal newsletter available with activities and curriculum designed by Kathy Stoughton, M. Ed., that parents can use with their youngsters to build key skills. Kathy also offers information about less expensive—even free—college options that are now available and what to consider for the future. All the newsletters are available to view in the Children’s Room of the library and newest issues will be posted here virtually—come take a look to see if any of the materials can help your family. 

Kathy Stoughton’s students have lowered their costs for college by millions of dollars. Some of their success stories can be seen on her website: Kathy now creates materials to help other families accomplish the same objectives. Her materials for younger families have been used by over 4,700 teachers and parents. Kathy’s credentials and more of her materials, some of which are free, can be found on her websites: and To avoid a conflict of interest with their purpose, neither of Kathy’s sites have ads, tracking or similar activities.